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App development in the cloud

20 March 2018 By In Blog style 3 comments

As more and more companies decide to move their databases to the cloud as well as create own custom cloud-based applications, the demand for cloud services tends to develop exponentially. And that stands for a reason. Cloud computing provides a good deal of useful resources and infrastructure needed for building, deploying and maintaining applications.

We have reviewed a dime a dozen of ways how IT entrepreneurs can benefit from cloud adoption. If you want to find out more about the advantages of building a cloud-based application, our article “App development in the cloud” will introduce you the primal strong and weak points of cloud computing.

A cloud-based application is an ideal solution for businesses that tend to grow in their demands. In case the needs of your company change, scaling up and down the cloud capacities is like a breeze with a cloud-based service. Such operational agility allows businesses to practice cloud adoption and consequently, run circles around their competitors.

Money Saving:
Cloud computing puts the hardware costs down. Since it enables virtualization of infrastructure, there is no need for investing in additional hardware, dev tools, and their maintenance as well.

Recovery solution:
Most of the businesses make considerable investments in disaster recovery. As it is worth a hefty sum, a small business cannot afford this. For this reason, they tend to implement cloud-based backup that provides them with such benefits as a lack of substantial up-front investments and third-party expertise engagement.

As a cloud-based app enables data backup by creating multiple locations and copies, it reduces the risks of losing any sensitive data.

Software updates:
Since the suppliers of cloud-based services release regular updates, you get rid of the need to maintain the whole system yourself.

Time-efficient development:
To be competitive in the market, an application should run smoothly on multiple devices. With a growing number of device types, the app development and operation efforts become more and more complicated and challenging. For this reason, many companies opt for building cloud-based applications that are compatible with various devices and provide the same experience on different screen sizes and resolutions.

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